An incredibly lively and powerful book that leaves a long impression of goodness and some sadness from the fact that these boys are no longer in this world. The Boys in the Boat became a discovery for many people and took pride in their place in their home libraries. It is believed that this book is a must-read for teenagers to understand their path and cultivate courage and fortitude. Differences in individuals, the period, and numerous different variables make the lifestyles change in a nation giving us alternate points of view about what the United States used to be like.

Though the principal characters in the book by Daniel James Brown carry on with totally various lives, they are ready to give knowledge about the American culture, and the general public that they lived in.

A deep and earnest story

The book is about nine boys, but in essence, men, who grew up in absolutely difficult conditions, determined by the circumstances in America, as well as individual family tragedies. The story gently leads the reader from a bleak childhood, bordering on survival, one of the future Olympic rowers to the perfect unity of a person with himself at the moment of fulfilling the dream of a lifetime. 

This book is total immersion. When the heroes first get into the boat, the reader does not stay on the shore, looking at the swim from a distance. He gets into the boat with the guys as an invisible witness of their future losses and victories. From the very first stroke of the oar to the last, the reader shares every drop of sweat and every command of the helmsman, without disturbing the resonant unity of the crew, which no longer floats, but soars above the water.

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