From the beginning, man was inextricably linked with nature. But technological progress is changing the natural environment. The priority is industrialization, nanotechnologies, and concrete cells with a microclimate controlled by air conditioners. The modern world cannot be compared with the existence of man in the distant past. Just a century ago, our cities were filled with green parks and bright colors of flower beds, and today they are more and more concrete and iron. A person has surrounded himself with useful and necessary things: transport, all kinds of household appliances, electronics, glass, and metal structures. Is there really no place for nature in the list of rational elements of life? Progress supplies man with a mass of effective inventions but at the same time, moves him away from living nature.

Why is Communication with Nature Important for Children and Adults?

Any communication with nature gives a person joy. Why are these moments precious to us? It’s simple: we are a product of nature and are drawn to our mother, whose beauty can melt the most callous hearts. A creative person admires the incredible radiance of morning dewdrops, the majesty of mountain ranges, and the courage of a fragile blade of grass that breaks the path to life through the asphalt. Nature, according to experts, has a huge impact on children. The singing of birds, caring for flowers in the garden, and caressing pets are important in the process of shaping a baby’s personality. If communication with nature is reduced to zero for a child, then in the future, he may face many psychological problems. Why is it important to connect with nature essay should give the next structure:

  • Introduction. This part should set an emotional mood, bring the reader to the issue under consideration, and interest, prompting him to read the text to the end.
  • Main part. At this stage, the author puts forward theses, and finds justifications for them, thereby proving his own point of view.
  • Conclusion. Summing up what was said in the main part, the author draws a general conclusion.

How to Write the Best Essay on Human’s Connection with Nature?

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