Lately, a few essay writers whom we know initiated a boat competition among people of the same profession. Their idea was to unite the community of local essay writers, provide them with a platform for communication and networking, and try out something new. The competition took place last week and was a fun event for everyone who joined.

Besides the boat riding itself, writers had a chance to start discussions on how to write better, where to get new ideas from, and how to boost their writing skills with time. Many of them took part in those round tables and that’s why heated discussions continued late at night. 

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Essay writers discussed the pros and cons of working as freelance writers and for a company, dealing with customers on their own and via Customer Support, and talked about ways to improve their productivity during the working day. As a result, they decided to set up a forum for sharing their thoughts and experience online. This forum is free of charge for every essay writer who attended a boat competition and wanted to meet like-minded people.

The online forum will be launched soon and access to it will be sent via a link to every writer in email. All you need to do is wait for it, click the link, and register on the website. After that, you will be allowed to create your profile, add content to it, start topics for discussion, comment on other threads, and add friends. The moderators of the website will pay close attention to fraud and spam to make your communication pleasant. 

If you have any ideas on how to improve the forum work, consider contacting us via email you see on the website. All your recommendations will be taken into account.